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Alaina is so obsessed with Trader Joes that our friend Miri from Miri In The Village decided make her a 2 buck chuck chocolate Trader Joes cake for her birthday… Yes you read that correctly and it was stunning! Click on the cake flik to view her full  blog with all the pictures and the killer recipe! Stay tuned I think we are going to do a original Trader Joe’s song soon!

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Cooking With Joe

I was given an early birthday gift this week because my friend could just not wait almost an entire month to give me what she found. Anyone that knows me is aware of my LOVE for Trader Joe’s, just a little piece of heaven that I like to visit whenever I get a chance. Yes, it is a grocery store but nothing can beat that little cup of coffee, the food tester when you decided to shop at lunch time, the fresh fruits and veggies, the Hawaiian shirts, the two dollar bottles of wine… Trader Joe’s is quite the place! My gift was the perfect thing for such a fanatic…a Trader Joe’s cookbook!
I can’t believe I was unaware of such a publication,  and I came to find out there are many cookbooks that have been recently released using all Trader Joe’s products.The one I received was called Cooking with all things Trader Joe’s, which is not one of the official cookbooks by the company, instead it was written by two devotees like me who wanted to create a recipe collection in which all ingredients could be found at Trader Joe’s. There are a few official cookbooks put out by Trader Joe’s as well.

If you like cooking with Joe, I highly recommend picking up one of these cookbooks!

I will try and post some variations of the recipes I am trying soon:) They don’t have a Cooking Kosher with Trader Joe’s yet!!


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