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 We have received requests for the lyrics to be posted from “Last Forest In The City,” we also have some amazing artwork for each song created by the talented Heather Albini, so stay tuned for the blogs to follow!  We will also be including some stories behind the songs.

PMS (I’m Sorry) by: Roman&Alaina – Last Forest In The City

I need to know again that you love me, and I’m sorry
And the flowers on the table ain’t enough, I think I’m sorry
The more you try, the more I think you don’t care
I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry
It’s not my fault
I need your help but I won’t let you fix it, and I’m sorry
Give me attention but don’t you try and touch me, I think I’m sorry
My head is pounding seems to come on when you’re talking
I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry
It’s not my fault
Cause with the raging of the tides
The moon told my time
And I’m sorry
Feeling out of control
And I don’t know why the hell that I’m crying
Picking fights over something but it’s nothing
And I’m sorry
Can’t explain how I feel but you better understand
And I’m sorry, I’m sorry
And the dress that I bought won’t fit me, and I’m sorry
Cancelled reservations I want take-out, I think I’m sorry
Pour me some wine I’m staying in and watching chick flicks
I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry, it’s not my fault

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