Winter in L.A

It’s snowing all over, but 80 degrees in L.A! A little song about this time of year:)

Winter in L.A

Winter in LA is not the same
Sunshine, top down every single day
But I still hear the jingle bells ringing in the cheer
and the combination makes the season kinda weird

Winter in LA in kinda strange
sun tanned Santa often overheats and get deranged
the snow machine is chuggin while everybody’s shoppin,
and most of it turns to rain
Oh winter in LA can be quite a shame

I dreamin of the day to cruise Sunset in a sleigh
with a hot eggnog latte, spinnin dreidel,
watching police tryin to put on chains

Oh winter in LA is not the same
The city of snow angels would be nice to see
Ill admit the LADWP light festival is quite the display

But if a blizzard graced this city,
those palm trees would look real pretty,
then Christmas in LA, Oh Chanukah in LA,
Oh Winter in LA would be such wonderful days.

- Roman Wood

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Roman&Alaina Live in Nashville July 21st 2013

We are super excited to be visiting Nashville in July, and we will be playing a show at the beautiful Natchez Hills Vineyard Sunday July 21st from 2:00-4:00PM. If you are in the Nashville area we would love for you to join us! Sip some wine, enjoy the scenery, and listen to some music!

Natchez Hills Vinyard - 109 Overhead Bridge Rd. Hampshire TN 38461




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Roman&Alaina at Molly Malone’s

It’s been a while since we have played a show in LA, and we are excited to be playing at Molly Malone’s on June 19th. Our set starts at 8:00PM and then SoulFarm is playing at 9:00pm! Would love to see you there!

Date: 6/19
Time: 8:00 PM
Address: 575 South Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90036
Tickets: $10 at door
21 years and over only.
Also, check out SoulFarm at

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Featured artist on Vote and Discover

We have been selected to be one of the featured artist of the week on Check us out, vote and let your friends know! CLICK HERE 

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REAL ROOTS, REAL ART: PART 2 – Standing for Cultural continuity.

A while back I blogged about my good friend Andrew Morrison aka Staa aka ZIPLOK, read past blog here. He is a amazing Native American muralist based in Seattle, WA. made it on the front page of the Seattle Times. The headlines read “Beloved Native American murals at Wilson Pacific may disappear.” The Seattle School district said they would pay for the reproduction of the mural and put Andrew on the design committee for the new school. Sounds all good, but there’s more to the equation; enough for Andrew and others in community to loose confidence in the new proposal. Read the full article to see why. We support you Dru! Keep it Fresh!

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Ojai, CA Getaway

One of the best thing about living in LA is getting out of the city for weekend getaways. There are so many great places only a few hours from the city, and it’s a great contrast traveling from the concrete jungle to the beautiful mountains that surround us! This past weekend we drove to Ojai, CA, and had an amazing and relaxing weekend in this cute little town. We definitely recommend taking the short hour and a half trek to Ojai from Los Angeles and want to highlight some things you must do while there.

Highlights from our  trip:

Boat ride on lake Casitas

Wine tasting at a few local wineries

Barts outdoor bookstore

Beautiful lookout and hike at meditation mount

The Food! Many of the restaurants served only local and organic ingredients and we highly recommend Farmer and the cook and The hip Vegan. Both places have the most amazing chai tea (fyi)

Shopping in downtown Ojai

Ojai has some great festivals too, check out the community calendar and pick a time to visit!


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“Miserable” featured on Showtimes SHAMELESS! – 1.27.13 – 9pm ET/PT

We are so happy to annouce that our song “Miserable” from our latest record Last Forest In The City will be featured on Showtimes SHAMELESS, Season 3, Ep. 3. It will air Sunday January 27th 2013 9pm ET/PT. We are really excited about this and want to give big shout out to our peeps at AngryMob Music/Happy People Music for helping us land this spot! Spread the news! Pass it on!

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One night we came home late from a little date night of ice skating and coffee. We stopped at the store and found this flapjack and waffle mix we have never had before, and nothing is better than eating breakfast food late at night, right? Well this mix made flapjacks from heaven! If manna tasted like anything I image it like Kodiak Cakes. I (Roman) cant stop eating them, I’ve even tried other liquids to mix when making the batter instead of just water (as what it calls for), such as vanilla coconut milk and even Samuel Adams Winter Lager. A spiced beer with this mix is by far the best. To top it off we used some real Canadian maple syrup, Alaina is proud Canadian, she doesn’t mess around. Just thought I’d let you all know. Next time you need some comfort food get some Kodiak Cakes mix. Makes you want to go to camping in Canada ay buddy?

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This Thanksgiving weekend we took a trip out to Joshua Tree, and stayed in The Bonita Domes just on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park. The domes are dwelling spaces made out of local sand filled earth bags. The architecture of the site was pretty amazing, and although the domes look small from the outside, inside they are roomy and cozy. Gabe and Lisa (the project leaders) told us about the construction of the site, and mentioned that they had the domes tested to be earthquake proof. Not only did they check out, they broke the testing equipment! They told us it is because of the sphere like design that makes it so tough, like trying to crush a egg in the palm of your hand. Any pressure or hits on the dome gets distributed all around the dome and into the ground, making it incredibly strong, far stronger than traditional building frames. It also stayed cool in the daytime and warm during the night when the temperature drastically drops!

If you love ancient un-orthodox architecture, beautiful desert hiking, boulder climbing and breathtaking star gazing then go check out Bonita Domes. You can rent a pod for a few days and even sign up to volunteer with the building. CLICK to make reservations! or CLICK here to find ways to support!


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I would like to dedicate this blog to a really good and old friend of mine from Seattle, Andrew Morrison. I met Andrew back in 6th grade, our families had a lot in common in regards to values, spirituality, native Indian culture, and athletics. Andrew and I connected at school over graffiti and Hip-hop. I remember Andrew’s older brother James had spotted my school binder all tagged up and loaded with graffiti artwork, he told me that I had to meet his brother because he’s an artist too, I met Andrew later that day and it was on.

Andrew and I were always doing pieces in class and exchanging them back and forth, critiquing and sharpening our skills like iron on iron. We later started a crew called The Burn Unit, and although we were rookies we brought fire to the walls of Seattle. I went by the name “Romeo GT”, and Andrew took the name “Ziplok” because he was known to keep it fresh. When High School came along, we both began to dive into the fine arts, seeking to add a whole new dimension to our craft. This was the point when Andrew’s skills went through the roof.

The unique thing about Andrew’s style is that he brings Native American life to the table and paints the uncensored heart of American History. Andrew is full blooded Native Indian, Apache/Haida. I can recall a charcoal drawing that he did of an elderly Native woman crying that was put on display in the school art gallery. The message was clear to many people, and it penetrated the toughest hearts, bringing people to tears. The pain in the woman’s face was real, and you witnessed through this piece of art the painful history of a nation through the tears of one woman, it was amazing. Andrew took his art to the streets and pursued to paint huge murals around town, he became an overnight success. I have had the privilege to assist him in some of these amazing productions.

Andrew is a warrior, if you know him personally then you know what I’m talking about. He paints his victories and defeats, his strengths and his weaknesses, and burning on the canvases lay messages we all can identify with. Andrew is of the few who has a boldness to be transparent and true to his roots, and his art has no fear, which is a trait we all aspire to have as artists. You can find his work all over the beautiful Northwest and abroad.

Check out his website HERE. Much love Dru, keep on keeping it fresh bro.

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