Below is a list of what I packed for a 7 week trip to Israel, November 6th to December 25th. We read up on some other blogs about packing as light as possible, so I packed everything into a 42 liter Deuter bag.

4 Pairs of pants, super light and thin, khaki, corduroy, and Columbia cargo’s/shorts.
4 Long sleeve button shirts (light thin cotton)
6 Pairs of fast drying socks.
6 Pairs of fast drying boxer briefs
5 Cotton t-shirts
2 Thermal long sleeve shirts
1 Leather belt
2 Shorts  (1 of them swimming trunks)
1 LED hand generated flashlight
Cocoon mummy sack
Grand Trunk Towel
DHE (Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels)
Koren Siddur
Hebrew conversation guide
Tallit and tefillin
Stainless steel water bottle
2″x6″ toiletry bag (toothbrush, deodorant, all purpose Bronner’s soap, nail clippers, sunscreen, lotion, hand washing detergent)
Martin Backpacker Guitar
Sony Digital Camera
Electrical socket converter
Israel map, Jerusalem city map
iPhone 4 (using the WiFi)
Merrel waterproof/thermal jacket
All purpose shoe, water ready and hiking ready, North Face.
Passport pouch
Small first aid kit

So this is everything I packed, it may be too much or too little, this is our first time traveling this long on foot, so we shall see after the trip. If you are a backpacker please let us know your thoughts! Sing, travel and pray hard!

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