Run!Above is a piece of original artwork done by the talented Heather Albini for the song “Run” from our latest album “Last Forest In The City.” Check out the rest of Heather’s artwork on the new record!

The song Run is about breaking free and the initial fleeing from mental, spiritual and physical oppression. It was inspired by the age old yet still relevant for today story of Joseph running from Potiphar’s wife who tried to seduce him. To obey her and sleep with her as she demanded, meant the demise of his mind, body and soul. Although he was later imprisoned because Potiphar’s wife accused him of trying to rape her due to her shame of actually not getting her way and being rejected, Joseph’s hand was made strong (Redemption Song – Marley Mar!) and The Almighty raised him up to rule over all Egypt which in turn later saved his father and brothers during the famine. The point of the song is that freedom is far more than just fleeing from physical bars and chains, its starts within our selves and sometimes our biggest oppressor is deep within us, but there is ALWAYS hope! Maran atah!

RUN! (from “Last Forest In The City”)
by: Roman&Alaina
written by: R.L. Wood
2011©LaVoy Music/Ascap

Run boy run for that door,
You woke up and your oppressor knows
Hear the generation calling your name
Get up off your cold desert floor.
Run girl run for that gate
Your deceiver seeks to sift you like wheat
Hear the unborn children crying your name
Say no more will your valor be torn
and run…run…!

Today someone lost their home, with their soul and spine gained aberrated toys and induced senseless noise and the Pharaoh of the world entices you to stay as he beautifies your cage.
Dawns you and wrongs you in the finest whips and chains
Gold plated anesthetic for the poor soul in pain
when will we ever heed the still small voice so faint
that calls by name and deeply screams…run…run.
Run boy run for that, run girl run for that, run boy run for that, run girl for for that


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