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One night we came home late from a little date night of ice skating and coffee. We stopped at the store and found this flapjack and waffle mix we have never had before, and nothing is better than eating breakfast food late at night, right? Well this mix made flapjacks from heaven! If manna tasted like anything I image it like Kodiak Cakes. I (Roman) cant stop eating them, I’ve even tried other liquids to mix when making the batter instead of just water (as what it calls for), such as vanilla coconut milk and even Samuel Adams Winter Lager. A spiced beer with this mix is by far the best. To top it off we used some real Canadian maple syrup, Alaina is proud Canadian, she doesn’t mess around. Just thought I’d let you all know. Next time you need some comfort food get some Kodiak Cakes mix. Makes you want to go to camping in Canada ay buddy?

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This Thanksgiving weekend we took a trip out to Joshua Tree, and stayed in The Bonita Domes just on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park. The domes are dwelling spaces made out of local sand filled earth bags. The architecture of the site was pretty amazing, and although the domes look small from the outside, inside they are roomy and cozy. Gabe and Lisa (the project leaders) told us about the construction of the site, and mentioned that they had the domes tested to be earthquake proof. Not only did they check out, they broke the testing equipment! They told us it is because of the sphere like design that makes it so tough, like trying to crush a egg in the palm of your hand. Any pressure or hits on the dome gets distributed all around the dome and into the ground, making it incredibly strong, far stronger than traditional building frames. It also stayed cool in the daytime and warm during the night when the temperature drastically drops!

If you love ancient un-orthodox architecture, beautiful desert hiking, boulder climbing and breathtaking star gazing then go check out Bonita Domes. You can rent a pod for a few days and even sign up to volunteer with the building. CLICK to make reservations! or CLICK here to find ways to support!


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I don’t know about you, but math was my worse nightmare growing up. Passing math in high school was mostly due to my awesome hippy teachers that wanted to see me focus on spreading my artsy fartsy wings and paint the world.

Recently I’ve decided to go back to school to tie up some loose ends in education and get into design again. At the school doors stood a old bully whom I hated with a passion, Rudy Frickin Mathface. I made a choice to knock him out cold, or worse case blow us both up trying. I recently ran across this Indian guy who swore he had a 3000 year old method that anybody could learn, and look like a math genius. I needed all the help I could get, so I watched him bust out some Indian ninja math moves that were mind boggling. I watched him do several problems and I was sold. I’ve been learning this new method and so far Rudy Frickin Mathface is buying me lunch, changing strings on my guitars when they break, and referring to me as Sir lord boss man.

Thank you Mr. GLAD2TEACH  for showing me how to be a math boss.

- Roman

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The Craft And Folk Art Museum in L.A

There are so many unique and interesting museums in LA that our list of places we want to visit is really piling up! This Sunday we decided it was time visit The Craft And Folk Art Museum which we have driven past a thousand times and said to each other “we need to check that place out!”  The museum is held in an adorable two story building on Wilshire Blvd. I admit, what caught my attention was the museum’s store that you can see through their front window (I am always a sucker for museum stores) and the crochet light post outside their building made me wonder what the inside was like.

On Sunday when we went to visit, the top floor was a an exhibit called L.A skin & INK which showcased Los Angeles tattoo culture over the past 60 years. The bottom floor was an exhibit of glass sculptures by Californian artist Steve Klein. After the exhibits we looked around the store and picked up a calendar of events offered at the museum. They have some really cool activities like printmaking sessions, Etsy craft nights, bazaars, book signings, even a Tamale making classes!

A visit for non-members is $7 a person but it would be a good idea to become a member if interested in all the classes they offer. Definitely worth a visit on a Sunday afternoon!  

Check out the website for more information and directions.

Wanted this basket made out of an old garden hose, but for $120 I resisted. Also thought it might be a fun craft to try at home…and what I really mean is Roman to try at home! Lol  

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Weekend Getaway, Julian CA

If you live in Los Angeles and are looking for a quick vacation out of the city you need to check out Julian, CA.

Many people have never heard of this little historical town in San Diego County surrounded by apple orchards and vineyards.

There are many private cabins available to rent in the mountains near town, and the village is filled with antique stores, galleries, and bakeries serving fresh apple pie!

The cabin that we rented was called Eden Paradise Retreat, definitely recommend going here. The price was very reasonable to rent the cabin for the weekend, we showed up to  fresh baked pie and cider,  and the view was breathtaking!

If you would like to check out the cabin, click here.


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Last night we met Rabbi Mintz, who was the man that inspired the “Mints stove” we created a few weeks ago.

To read our blog about the homemade camping stove CLICK HERE. It was awesome to meet Rabbi Mintz, and if you want to get your own Rabbi mints you can visit his site

There are more mint tin crafts to be made,  write us an email or post your ideas for the next “Mintz Mint” project!  


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Alaina and I have been super excited about camping this summer, and I wanted to make a small, effective, and affordable stove to take with us when we go camping, especially when we are traveling on a plane with all our camping gear. I had a used mint tin lying around that was made by one of my favorite teachers of Jewish History, Rabbi Mintz. He created his own mints, I mean why wouldn’t he? He’s rabbi Mintz! (Make an effort to find a very cool and swanky tin, Altoids tins will work fine, but it seriously lacks points in the creative department.) All the stuff you need to make this stove can be found at any hardware store, you might even have most things in your house or garage.

You can do it! Now let’s make McGyver proud and say “Oh snap son! These cats are sick!”

Here is the list:

-1 mint tin
-Metal (gutter) Mesh
-Fiber Glass
-Epoxy and Q-tips
-4 Flat top screws 1.5″ tall (size 10-32)
-4 Flat bottom screw post (size 10-32)
-Sand paper or something sharp to scrape.
-Rubbing Alcohol


1. Rough up the inside of the tin and the bottom of the screw caps with the sand paper, then clean out all of the dust and particles.
2. Mix the epoxy together on a thick plastic bag using a Q-tip. The epoxy is super heavy duty so don’t get it on your hands, clothes, or furniture or life will suck for a little bit.
3. Put some of the epoxy in each of the corners of the tin can and then place the screw post snug and flat in the corners of the tin. Put some extra glue around the base of the screw post’s but don’t get any inside the post.
4. Let that dry for about 45 minutes, make sure it’s completely hard before continuing with the rest of the steps.

5. Next cut some fiber glass to fit nice and snug into the tin.
6. Cut the metal mesh, and bend the sides and corners just enough so you can squeeze the mesh into the tin. You want to try and make it as flush as you can with the top of the tin.
7. After the epoxy has completely dried, put the fiber glass into the tin and then squeeze the metal mesh over the top of it, it should look nice and snug.
8. Before you insert the screws you may need to hollow out a little pathway through the fiber glass and possibly bend or snip the metal mesh in the corners so that you can see where to put the screws.

9. Once you do that, insert the screws.
10. Take about 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and pour into the tin. Light a match and touch the mesh surface and your flame will begin.
The flame can burn up to 30 minutes or more, and I was able to boil 1 cup of water in my stainless steel pot in 4 minutes. After you are finished let the screws cool down and take them out and place into the tin and scream “Kitchen is closed!”

There you go!

P.S – Don’t try the stove out in your home like I did. Bad move on my part, it’s not safe and it will make your house smell like someone dropped their bottle of vodka in a bonfire.

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At Ashville Music Festival we will be releasing our SPECIAL EDITION first pressing of Last Forest In The City.
There are only 100 copies that are numbered, autographed, and include a unique little surprise in each one! 
Get your copy at AMF this AUG 9th, 10th, and 11th in North Carolina. For details click here.
If you cannot make it out the show the second pressing will be available at the end of August, check back on our website for the date!

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For the first night of Passover there were 15 kids coming to the Seder, so we though it would be appropriate for the fruit salad to be in the shape of a shark. Roman started carving and this is what he came up with:) The kids were fighting over who was going to eat the fruit out of the river monster’s mouth!


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