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At Ashville Music Festival we will be releasing our SPECIAL EDITION first pressing of Last Forest In The City.
There are only 100 copies that are numbered, autographed, and include a unique little surprise in each one! 
Get your copy at AMF this AUG 9th, 10th, and 11th in North Carolina. For details click here.
If you cannot make it out the show the second pressing will be available at the end of August, check back on our website for the date!

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Now that we are living in Sunny California we can actually start growing our own fruits and veggies. We don’t have space for a garden, but we started container gardening and we are waiting in anticipation for our first little tomato to ripen!

 Below is a recipe for a salad I made last night that was fresh and perfect for summer!  You can throw pretty much any produce you have in it,  I’m looking forward to re-creating this salad with produce from our own garden:) I paired this salad up with Lemony Leeks with Chickpeas and Feta, a recipe I found from Whole Living, it was delicious! 


2 large cucumbers with skin

3 cups of heirloom cherry or plum tomatoes

1 red bell pepper

1 orange bell pepper

1 large red onion

3 green onions

1 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley

¾ cup chopped mint

Salad Dressing:

¼ cup extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil

¼ cup lemon juice

Zest of 1 lemon

1 tsp. maple syrup

4-5 garlic cloves

Pinch of salt and black pepper


  1. Wash, prepare, and chop all veggies into small bite-sized pieces
  2. Make the dressing and pour over salad and let stand for 30 min at room temperature
  3. Before serving sprinkle with Za’atar and Enjoy!



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PMS (I’m Sorry) Live in CA

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRKO SONG! (Alaina’s sister Kirstyn)

Happy Birthday Kirko! We know this is all you ever wanted! It was our our pure pleasure! Love you!

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Story Behind the Song

“Do You Ever Wonder Why” is about living in a society where everything is backwards, priorities are out of order, people become less sensitive to their friends and family, and we wonder why the world is so chaotic. Its starts with us getting our personal life and home in order and then from there we can only bring change in the world.

Do You Ever Wonder Why by: Roman&Alaina – Last Forest In The City

Ay bro what’s new under the sun that shines on everyone?
Forecast calls for cloudy days due to the ruins of homes aflame
From information pollution, first digest the basics on our plate
Do you ever wonder why
We are so unhappy, yet so savvy
Do you ever wonder why
We’ve lost feeling from the inside out
Ay yo what’s the deal did you hear depressed folks now buy their smile
Kids hog tied with headphone cords, no more tampering adult hairstyles
Hang up your phone take your ass home you left your baby alone


Do you ever wonder why
We are so unhappy yet so savvy
Do you ever wonder why
We’ve lost feeling from the inside out

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 We have received requests for the lyrics to be posted from “Last Forest In The City,” we also have some amazing artwork for each song created by the talented Heather Albini, so stay tuned for the blogs to follow!  We will also be including some stories behind the songs.

PMS (I’m Sorry) by: Roman&Alaina – Last Forest In The City

I need to know again that you love me, and I’m sorry
And the flowers on the table ain’t enough, I think I’m sorry
The more you try, the more I think you don’t care
I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry
It’s not my fault
I need your help but I won’t let you fix it, and I’m sorry
Give me attention but don’t you try and touch me, I think I’m sorry
My head is pounding seems to come on when you’re talking
I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry
It’s not my fault
Cause with the raging of the tides
The moon told my time
And I’m sorry
Feeling out of control
And I don’t know why the hell that I’m crying
Picking fights over something but it’s nothing
And I’m sorry
Can’t explain how I feel but you better understand
And I’m sorry, I’m sorry
And the dress that I bought won’t fit me, and I’m sorry
Cancelled reservations I want take-out, I think I’m sorry
Pour me some wine I’m staying in and watching chick flicks
I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry, it’s not my fault

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100 Years of Faith, Fun and Living Day to Day – By: Mary Swift, Seattle P.I. Columnist

ALICE KRABBE KNOWS what it’s like to near the century mark. What she doesn’t know is the secret to how she got there. She’ll say — in a voice still gracious and firm despite her approaching 100th birthday April 30 — that it was a day-to-day affair. Faith, she’ll add, didn’t hurt. Not that faith was always foremost.The third of five children born to German-speaking parents who farmed in Illinois, Krabbe decided early that life behind a plow in Midwest heat was not for her.

(Baby Alice)

She liked people. She liked parties. City lights lured her. At 14, having left school after eighth grade, she ditched the farm and headed to the city, where she rented a small room and found work as a waitress. “She pretty much wanted to kick up her heels, and that’s what she did,” says Rachel Monte, of Renton, Krabbe’s niece. “In the early years, she was a bit of a wild thing, as far as I can tell.”

These days, Krabbe shares a home in Rainier Valley with her sister, Harriet Wood, 86, Monte’s mother. For a young woman escaping rural life, the city proved a heady environment. Her customers included men who bootlegged moonshine between Chicago and St. Louis. World War II started. So, Krabbe thought, did opportunity. She and some friends packed their bags and headed west by train, lured by the possibility of jobs at the naval shipyard in Bremerton. But she never made it to Bremerton, instead landing a job as a waitress at Manka’s Restaurant in Seattle. Eventually, she bought a home in the Burien area. Then came the day her boyfriend walked out. Krabbe, until then a woman who played as hard as she worked, was devastated. The moment proved pivotal. Wood’s husband, the Rev. Harold Wood, was a Pentecostal minister who with his wife started a church in White Center. Later they moved to Rainier Valley, where they ran the Northwest Evangelical Center (eventually renamed the Rainier Temple).

Bereft, Krabbe turned to God — and found adventure on a different path. She became a missionary, traveling alone to Mexico. “She was sent down to Chihuahua to help another missionary with the children,” Harriet Wood says. “She just got a love for the people and went to Monterrey (Mexico). She was down there about 12 years. “Krabbe, Wood says, “was a trouper. We furnished her with a van and lots of missionary tracts, and she’d drive from Seattle to Monterrey all by herself. Now she sits and thinks about it and says, ‘I don’t know how I did that.’ “Perhaps not — but she does know she’s glad she did.

“The most exciting time of my life was going up in the mountains with people I didn’t know to share the Lord,” Krabbe says. “It was exciting and joyful to go into those hills.”But there were frightening moments. Narrow, steep, sharply curved mountain roads — often deeply rutted and, in rain, precariously muddy — made travel treacherous and left drivers white-knuckled. “I drove all the way across the mountains,” Krabbe says, reflecting on those years. “You sometimes wondered if you were going to make it. But it was wonderful, and you felt like you’d accomplished something once you got to where you were going.” Returning to Seattle, Krabbe worked side-by-side with her sister and brother-in-law, driving a Sunday-school bus and later working for the Rainier Valley Christian School the church established.

Saturday, Rachel Monte and her daughter Kristel will host a party for Krabbe at their home in Renton. Krabbe is pleased — though matter-of-fact about the celebration. “I’ve had a good life. I’m here. I have a birthday. It’s the same as any other birthday,” she says. “What’s the secret of a long life? To be truthful, I’ve never thought about it. I just took it a day at a time and went on. That’s how life goes, isn’t it? Just day to day — and every day is different.”

(Nanny’s 100th Birthday Party)

Roman&Alaina – Alice and The Last Hour
©2009 Lavoy Music (ASCAP)

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Many folks have asked “Who is Alice from the song Alice and the Last Hour?”, Well this blog gives a little history about my (Roman) great aunt Alice.

Alice was an amazing woman who loved and inspired many people. I have never heard a piece of slander or gossip ever from her lips, and she always viewed folks favorably. We called her “Nanny”, she always had a bowl of butterscotch in her apartment, and we would always be knocking at her door as kids trying to schmooze her for some. I always thought Nanny had the slowest car ever, it had this deep rumbling purr to it that I could hear a block away. We made fun of the car because of its mustard yellow color and how slow it was. It wasn’t until my dad told us Nanny has one of the fastest cars in the family now, I didn’t believe him until he took us around the block in it. She drove a big block 1975 Chevy Malibu SS, now that I’m older I know that deep rumble was the sound of about 350 well tamed horses (HP) and sweet old Nanny was that chariots gangster boss.

Nanny was known to everyone in the family and community as the sweetest  lady. My friends at school would often talk about how nice she was. The meanest of kids would turn to puppies when they crossed her path. She never looked down on us, she always knew and hoped others knew that they are better than what they think they are and that God has a mission for everyone. She loved young people, we all knew she loved us.


Robocop cleaned up crime, we cleaned up trash. Sometimes all of us kids would have to pick up trash on the property, we hated it with a passion. Nanny during those times was beginning to walk with a cane (whom she named Barney) more often. She used to come out to help us pick up trash, she always gave us a good example when it came to helping. One year she bought a claw stick that she used to snag trash up without bending over, we thought it was the coolest thing we had ever seen, especially since Robocop 1 and 2 was somewhat fresh on the big screen. Nanny would let each of us use her claw to pick up trash, and that fueled our clean-up operations for a good year, although we wasted a ton of time trying to decide who’s going to be Robocop or ED 209.


(Grandpa Wood giving Nanny the keys to the mission truck before heading to Mexico)

My grandparents would tell me tons of stories about Nanny, how brave and adventurous she was and the zeal she had for spreading the Gospel and aiding those in need. She was completely fluent in Spanish. She spent 12 years in Mexico teaching and helping the needy, she really loved Mexico and the people there. There are stories of her driving a truck full of supplies along dangerous cliffs on mountains in Mexico. They still say it’s a miracle she always made it to her destination. God was always with her. When she passed away her old friends in Mexico and there descendants wrote letters expressing their condolences and how much she effected them, their family and towns. For us nieces and nephews we realized how special she was, not just to our family but to all of her extended family in Mexico as well.

(Nanny’s dear extended family in Mexico)


Alice drove her car until she was around 90 yrs. old. She was very upset the state took away her license, she had such a free bird spirit. I remember the last few drives she did. I had a dentist appointment and needed to get to the dentist but there were some transportation conflicts. Nanny told me she would take me, so we hopped in the car and she drove me down. I remember thinking “How the heck is Nanny driving at this age? I hope she can see ok!” I remember her speeding up as we were coming to a red light and I was wondering if I should say something or does she know? Is this a sensitive subject? I don’t know!? But she’s bombing for a hot red light!? I then said “Hey Nanny that’s a red light!” but it seemed she didn’t hear me and went right through it and took a hard left and cut a car off. She then tried to look over at me and said “did you say something?” A part of me felt like she knew exactly what she was doing and she ran the light because she wanted to, I mean she learned to drive in a time when there weren’t many road rules. I thought to myself…Nanny be dippin on cats!”.

(Nanny called her vanilla wafers her cigars, so cool, Queenpin!)

There is not a day we don’t miss Nanny, its hard to believe shes moved on. She had, and is still having a impact on so many lives, I’m am truly grateful for such a wonderful, sweet and loving God fearing great aunt. She was a very righteous woman. Many folks had Mother Teresa, but us folks in South Seattle and Mexico had Nanny. Click here to read her obituary.

I wrote a song about her called Alice and The Last Hour, its off our first album Sounds of Prayer. Check it out and get a copy or download it if you don’t have it yet!

Thank you Aunt Rachel for the photos and articles!

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