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I don’t know about you, but math was my worse nightmare growing up. Passing math in high school was mostly due to my awesome hippy teachers that wanted to see me focus on spreading my artsy fartsy wings and paint the world.

Recently I’ve decided to go back to school to tie up some loose ends in education and get into design again. At the school doors stood a old bully whom I hated with a passion, Rudy Frickin Mathface. I made a choice to knock him out cold, or worse case blow us both up trying. I recently ran across this Indian guy who swore he had a 3000 year old method that anybody could learn, and look like a math genius. I needed all the help I could get, so I watched him bust out some Indian ninja math moves that were mind boggling. I watched him do several problems and I was sold. I’ve been learning this new method and so far Rudy Frickin Mathface is buying me lunch, changing strings on my guitars when they break, and referring to me as Sir lord boss man.

Thank you Mr. GLAD2TEACH  for showing me how to be a math boss.

- Roman

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The Craft And Folk Art Museum in L.A

There are so many unique and interesting museums in LA that our list of places we want to visit is really piling up! This Sunday we decided it was time visit The Craft And Folk Art Museum which we have driven past a thousand times and said to each other “we need to check that place out!”  The museum is held in an adorable two story building on Wilshire Blvd. I admit, what caught my attention was the museum’s store that you can see through their front window (I am always a sucker for museum stores) and the crochet light post outside their building made me wonder what the inside was like.

On Sunday when we went to visit, the top floor was a an exhibit called L.A skin & INK which showcased Los Angeles tattoo culture over the past 60 years. The bottom floor was an exhibit of glass sculptures by Californian artist Steve Klein. After the exhibits we looked around the store and picked up a calendar of events offered at the museum. They have some really cool activities like printmaking sessions, Etsy craft nights, bazaars, book signings, even a Tamale making classes!

A visit for non-members is $7 a person but it would be a good idea to become a member if interested in all the classes they offer. Definitely worth a visit on a Sunday afternoon!  

Check out the website for more information and directions.

Wanted this basket made out of an old garden hose, but for $120 I resisted. Also thought it might be a fun craft to try at home…and what I really mean is Roman to try at home! Lol  

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We just signed onto our first music placement and licensing group called Happy People Music, which is a branch of Angry Mob Music based out of Santa Monica. The artists in Happy People Music share a strong independent spirit. This musical and creative independence defines the emerging Happy People artist. We are really excited to be working with them, they are one of those few music companies that are extremely supportive of the artist and their artistry. If you are looking to license music for any of your projects or films you must check them out, there is some great new artist with a amazing variety of musical flavors!

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Matisyahu “Sunshine” Contest FINALS UPDATE

The results from Matisyahu’s “Sunshine” cover contest finally came in and we came in 6th place. We just wanted to give a BIG “Thank You” to everybody that helped us spread the word and voted for us, it really meant a lot! It was a great contest, very talented folks out there! Thanks to Matisyahu for the opportunity! Congratulations Micah, Dylan, Brittany, Eric and Jeremy. Here is the winner lineup on Matisyahu’s website:
1st – Micah Garrido, 2nd – Dylan Fisher, 3rd – Brittany Mohr, 4th – Eric Hunker,
5th – Jeremy Kamali and 6th – Roman&Alaina

Check out the final announcement page: CLICK HERE



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Weekend Getaway, Julian CA

If you live in Los Angeles and are looking for a quick vacation out of the city you need to check out Julian, CA.

Many people have never heard of this little historical town in San Diego County surrounded by apple orchards and vineyards.

There are many private cabins available to rent in the mountains near town, and the village is filled with antique stores, galleries, and bakeries serving fresh apple pie!

The cabin that we rented was called Eden Paradise Retreat, definitely recommend going here. The price was very reasonable to rent the cabin for the weekend, we showed up to  fresh baked pie and cider,  and the view was breathtaking!

If you would like to check out the cabin, click here.


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Roman&Alaina and Matisyahu’s Sunshine Tour!

Hey everybody, we have just entered into the Matisyahu “Sunshine” cover song contest. We really need your help! Click on the link below and give us your vote, you can vote up to 3 times a day, so please vote as much as you possibly can for us! The winner will perform with Matisyahu on his Sunshine Tour. This would be a amazing opportunity for us! So please vote and pass it on to your friends and family! Thanks so much you are awesome! We will keep you all posted!


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“Erika” LIVE AT AMF 2012!

Roman&Alaina “Erika” Live at AMF 2012!

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We just got back from Asheville Music Festival, which was an incredible life changing event! Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to organize the festival, and to everyone that came out to support it!


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The Avinu Project is a Messianic Jewish liturgical work commissioned by Derek Leman and performed and recorded by Roman&Alaina. Hebrew text is from The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels. It is free to download and share with your friends, family and community.


Avinu (Our Father)
From: The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels

Commissioned by: Derek Leman
By: Roman&Alaina
Music and English version by: A.Wood
Lavoy Music © 2010

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